How To Purchase

Buying a standby generator system to keep your home safe during a power outage is a big decision. We’re glad you’ve decided to allow us to help you through that process.

We understand no two homes require the same backup power solution. From the layout of the property, location of the service panel, to the lights and appliances requiring backup power, installing a standby generator system is truly a custom solution. That’s why we’re dedicated to making installation seamless and stress-free for you.

Installation Process

To start the home generator installation process, your local dealer will conduct an on-site visit to determine your home’s specific installation needs and what local permits are needed before starting. At this time they will check your electrical meter, gas lines and circuit breaker panel location to help scout the best placement option for your generator unit and determine the wiring specifications your home will need. Finally, the dealer will also discuss which fuel option, natural gas or liquid propane, is available and will work best for your home’s generator system.

In-Home Consultation

A dealer will recommend the best standby generator and module placement for your needs. Pricing estimates will be based on the standby generator, in addition to:
  • Required transfer switch and modules
  • Generator installation cost, which are dependent on home electrical and fuel configuration
  • Permit costs, labor and other incidental requirements
Your dealer will also walk you through any accessories you may want to consider purchasing and available financing options.

Prep & Installation

The dealer will help you finalize the following prior to your installation:
  • Dealer will obtain necessary permits, which you will legally need to install a standby generator system on your property.
  • Dealer will finalize installation requirements (concrete slab vs. underground wiring) and order necessary materials
  • Schedule the installation date
Note: Generators cannot be installed when the ground is frozen, late spring, summer and early fall are ideal times for cold climate residents./strong>


  • The most customizable standby generators on the market just got a whole lot more affordable. With RECORE’S standby generator financing offers with Briggs & Stratton, we make it easy to protect your home and family from power outages on a budget that works for you. Finally, a backup power solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Current Generator Financing Offers
You don’t have to let a small budget keep you from getting what you really want or need. Check out our current financing offers that makes keeping the lights on just a little bit easier.

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Synchrony – APPLY TODAY

The length of the promotional period will depend on the specific promotion offered by RECORE. Interest at the rate of 26.99% will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period. To avoid late fees, you must make your Total Minimum Monthly Payments by the due date each month. These Minimum Monthly Payments may or may not pay off the promotional purchase before the end of the promotional period. To ensure you are not charged the interest accrued at 26.99% you must pay the total promotional purchase amount within the promotional period.


An equal monthly payment amount will be required based on repayment over the term (number of months) of the promotional period.


The reduced interest rate will depend on the specific promotion offered by RECORE. A fixed monthly payment amount will be required based on repayments over the terms (number of months) of the promotional period.

For additional details on how these promotions work, please visit:

Standby Generator Maintenance
The process of owning a standby generator doesn’t end with installation. Even though an automatic standby generator system seamlessly provides backup power to your home within seconds of sensing a power outage, it is still important to remember that it’s a major piece of outdoor power equipment with an engine. Routine generator maintenance is required to make sure it will perform as expected when you need it most and to get the most value out of your new standby generator.

Lean On Your Dealer

Not only is your standby generator installed professionally, but that dealer will also work with you moving forward. From the simple to the more serious, your local dealer will be able to provide any maintenance needs your system may encounter while under warranty and throughout the lifespan of the unit. Be sure to ask your dealer about your standby generator maintenance agreement.

Weekly Self Cycle

Every week, your standby generator system will run a test cycle for about 20 minutes. Your home won’t be transferred to backup power during the test, but it’s a critical cycle to self-diagnose any generator issues that may prevent the system from providing backup power when it counts. This cycle will happen automatically at the same time every week once you set the day and time.

Monitor Your Generator

Keeping your pulse on the status of your generator system ensures it is ready to power your home’s appliances when it’s called upon. Wireless generator monitoring systems like InfoHub™ are compatible with your computer, tablet or smartphone and can send you and your dealer alerts about any generator maintenance needs and overall performance.

Simple Generator Maintenance

Simple maintenance is required from time to time to keep your backup generator system humming. Maintenance kits can be purchased and include an air filter, spark plug, oil filter, funnel and oil for routine repairs. For cold climates where the temperature drops below 30 °F, cold weather kits include a battery warmer and two oil heaters to keep your generator warm and ready to start up when needed.

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