Microgrid Systems

A microgrid is an aggregation of interconnected loads and distributed energy generating resources which is controllable as a single entity. Microgrids can be utility grid connected or operate in island mode which allows for autonomous operation off the grid. The capabilities that microgrids present are a critical part of the effort to modernize and stabilize the utility grid through distributed energy resources. Microgrids allow you to install and utilize on-site generating resources so your facility may already have a few of the components to get you started. Explore the opportunities available to you and your organization to turn your building, facility, or campus into a functioning microgrid.

RECORE utilizes the EI model with control capability to be the single “brains” to operate the facility from an energy stand point. The microgrid can be operated in multiple modes that can switch automatically or manually depending on the circumstances to suit your needs.


Mode by reducing dependency on the power grid and having reliable power stored and ready to consume. If the microgrid is sized appropriately this mode will allow for a seamless transition away from the grid during an outage preventing loss of operations.


Mode through integration of intelligent, responsible, energy efficient capabilities. Automatically monitor your load dependency on the utility grid to minimize demand charges by transferring additional load requirements to your on-site generation resources.


Mode by reducing dependence on fossil fuels for power generation. Monitor the power market generation resources and operate independently during times of heavy carbon producing generation plants.


Mode through intelligent management and deployment of stored energy. Compare energy prices from the grid to on-site generation cost and switch to the most economical resource when available.


Mode through responsible energy sources. Maximize and prioritize the use and renewable resources and stored renewable resources.


Mode creating the ability to go into island mode, completely off of the power grid. Use the grid as a back up resource and only rely on localized resources to provide energy.

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