Since 2001, RECORE has been supplying on-site energy solutions for municipalities, C&I’s, distribution utilities, and government agencies, specializing in standby emergency power generation to meet the needs of our partners. Numerous entities seeking to achieve intermittent or long-term grid independence, rely on RECORE emerging technologies to sustain their critical infrastructure and operations. Regardless of your energy needs, RECORE has the solutions available to make your energy supply resilient.

Commercial Standby Power

Do you need resiliency in your power supply for critical operations?
Do you offer critical services to residents that have to continue during a severe storm?
RECORE specializes in providing industry leading solutions to increase the resiliency for your critical operations.


Solar, battery storage, and standby power solutions can be combined to achieve energy independence and full
resiliency. Microgrids allow you to install and utilize on-site
generating resources so your facility may already have a
few of the components to get you started.

Residential Standby Power

Hurricanes, freezing rain and blizzards,
we are all susceptible to Mother Nature’s fury. Don't let
inclement weather change the quality of your life in
your home! RECORE has the solution to meet
your standby emergency power needs.

RECORE creates customized solutions for our partners that simplify managing and saving energy.  First, our unique asset deployment programs help our partners obtain robust solutions without the traditional heavy capital costs of ownership.  If this interests you, you will want to learn more about our leasing and energy-as-a-subscription (EaaS) models.  RECORE’s suite of solutions also provides for expert servicing of client owned assets that are already deployed, investment in renewable projects of all shapes and sizes, and assisting clients in the procurement of standby and renewable energy assets.


Allows our partners to obtain new or upgraded equipment solutions while transferring operational and performance responsibilities to RECORE. This provides the customer with peace of mind, knowing that the equipment and services will work when needed. Traditional leasing arrangements are contractually established and executed, eliminating the need for our partners to outlay significant capital dollars to achieve a robust solution.


Partner with RECORE and leverage our Energy-as-a-Service model which eliminates the need for you to outlay capital dollars, own any equipment, or worry about equipment servicing. Learn more about this subscription based offering from RECORE.


RECORE comes along-side our partners and provides capital investment in renewable energy projects for operational and tax equity purposes.


RECORE’s experts come alongside you and help you navigate your standby energy or renewable energy asset purchase plan. We will put together a package that is designed to meet your specific needs, goals, and objectives.


RECORE provides expert service, inspection, preventive maintenance, and installation options for customer owned assets which provides additional peace of mind and eliminates the customers need to perform such work.