Renewable Energy Solutions

RECORE is changing the way the world is energized and at the core of this philosophy is a commitment to bring renewable energy to our partners. We are committed to harnessing, storing, and deploying naturally occurring energy in a clean and responsible fashion. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions that plague traditional power generation methods.


RECORE is active in the evolving solar energy market. In short, photovoltaics are used to produce electricity. This electricity is clean, green, and renewable. RECORE owns and participates in solar projects across the United States with an eye on responsibility and sustainability. We are actively seeking partnerships to expand our footprint in this market. Additional benefits that come from solar energy production include operational resiliency, full or partial grid independence, and advancing distributed generation capabilities.

Wind energy

Wind power is a sustainable and renewable energy that, similar to solar energy production, is clean, green, and renewable.
RECORE is actively seeking partners in this market to increase our presence.


As the industry continues to look for ways to harness the power of nature, wave energy is one of the newest renewable energy production technologies that is gaining notoriety. For coastal locations, in particular, this clean, green, and renewable source of energy production holds tremendous potential. RECORE has a vision and is working with industry players to bring this to reality in the United States.

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