New Equipment

If new equipment is necessary to meet your standby power needs, RECORE has you covered! Our premium equipment leasing and energy subscription programs eliminate extensive capital investments in your infrastructure and provide for a steady monthly payment option. Additionally, our premium monitoring and servicing capabilities take the maintenance responsibility off of your operations team and give key stakeholders peace of mind with regards to emergency standby power.

Let RECORE’s turn-key solutions meet your needs for new equipment!


We offer premium diesel, natural gas, and propane generator sets that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capabilities. Whatever your needs are, RECORE will find a solution to fit. From 20kW units to multi-megawatt units, RECORE is here to provide the equipment your infrastructure demands. Lean on our experts to identify and provide solutions for your standby emergency power requirements.


RECORE also specializes in providing all switchgear and associated equipment required to effectively run emergency back-up power systems, including automatic transfer switches, generator pads, installation, fuel hook-ups.

Monitoring & Service

RECORE is focused on providing peace of mind to key stakeholders with regards to their new standby emergency power equipment and capabilities. By monitoring the equipment 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, RECORE is able to rapidly respond to any issues that arise. Add to the monitoring capabilities, RECORE’s premium equipment servicing, both preventative maintenance and emergency repairs, and it is a winning formula for sure!

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